Jump Start

The Mental Health Movement

Empowering workshops for pre-teens, teens, and young adults to learn
skills, share experiences, and reflect on their mental health journey and
create a personal route for their road ahead.


Our programs are designed to be appealing to anybody seeking greater knowledge, understanding, and comfort with mental health as well as knowledge, understanding, and ideas aimed at supporting mental health in schools.

Counsellor workshops

The Jump Start School Counsellor Training and Support Programme provides relevant monthly training during the school term. This training provides ongoing professional development as well as a much-needed professional debrief session for the counsellors. We are proud to provide workshops with professionals from around the globe, in a broad range of relevant topics such as trauma counselling, occupational therapy and careers support

Parent workshops

In order to inform and empower parents we run regular parents workshops. These are a fantastic opportunity for parents to come together to share experiences with professional trainers, and walk away with hands on tools and strategies to help support them on their parenting journey

For Kids

Our 6- session in-school programme for 9-18 year olds is a fun, engaging yet deeply transformative course. It includes training for teachers, as well as a parents education and feedback session. This whole-school approach enables a common and accessible language around mental health for all in the school community. Contact us if you would like your school to become a Jump Start School today!

In-school counseling services

For schools which do not have a regular counsellor, we offer counseling services within your school based on your needs within your student, staff or parent community.

Rural program

Jump Start is committed to supporting communities of all economic, cultural and social backgrounds. We are currently seeking funding to develop and roll out our curriculum into Shona and hopefully later Ndebele. We can then support rural staff in becoming trained in the Jump Start programme, allowing them to go back to their rural schools better equipped and empowered to support the mental and emotional welfare of their students and community members

Jump Start is a Zimbabwean-designed programme delivering emotional intelligence and mental health resilience training, resources and support to children, parents and educators.

Jump Start was founded in 2022 as a result of the clear needs of the community for mental health support, exacerbated by COVID19. Parents, teachers and students were struggling with resuming to ‘normality’, which is why we chose a community approach to provide awareness and tools for collective healing.

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